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Steve Kerr attacks refereeing after Nikola Jokic’s 18 free throws


Steve Kerr has spoken out on the state of NBA officials after being unhappy with the way the Warriors’ Christmas game against the Nuggets was run.

Denver star Nikola Jokic made 18 free throws as the defending champion Nuggets beat the Warriors 120-114.

Speaking to reporters after Monday’s game, Kerr lamented the way the league’s referees have been tasked with presiding over a game that lacks fluidity.

“I have no problem with the officials themselves,” Kerr said.

“Across the league we have very good officials. I have a problem with the way we legislate off-side defense. That’s what we do in the NBA. The way we teach the officials, we just allow the players to work their way up to the foul line. If I was a fan, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch the second half of this match. It was disgusting.”

Kerr emphasized his belief that individual officials call games as they are, at the request of the league office.

“It was just about getting the refs to make decisions, but the refs have to make those decisions because that’s how they’re taught,” Kerr continued.

Steve Kerr criticized the state of NBA officials after all the times Nikola Jokic went to the foul line on Monday. Getty Images

“I have a real problem with the way we have legislated offside defense in this league. And the players are really smart in this league. Over the last decade, they’ve gotten smarter and smarter, and we’ve allowed players to take full advantage of them. It’s a parade to the free throw line, and it’s disgusting to watch.

Kerr’s complaints come amid a stressful season for the Warriors.

The loss dropped Golden State to 15-15, the tenth seed in the Western Conference.

Nikola Jokic made 18 free throws against the Warriors on Christmas.
Nikola Jokic made 18 free throws against the Warriors on Christmas. Getty Images

Draymond Green, a key part of the team’s run that included four NBA championships, is suspended indefinitely after his second instance this season of violence against an opponent.

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