Steve Cohen not sweating winless Mets start: ‘It’s only four games’

Mets owner Steve Cohen preached patience for his ballclub during a Wednesday morning appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

The Mets are still looking for their first win of 2024 after losing their first series of the season to the Brewers and losing 5-0 to the Tigers on Monday before getting a reprieve thanks to rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But Cohen isn’t letting the bad starts about the Mets get him down and compared the start to a few bad days that can happen when you run a hedge fund.

“It’s only four games into the season,” Cohen said. “That would be like getting off to a bad start, say in a hedge fund year you had a few down days at the beginning of January. You still have plenty of time to do what you usually do. Yeah, no one wants to start 0-4, but it’s early, right? During the season, you are going to have losing streaks. We happen to have one at the beginning.

The Amazins’ offense struggled early in the season, with the team being held to one point or less in three of its first four games of the year, and Brandon Nimmo, Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil combining to having achieved only a score of 3-for-. 44.

Cohen has notably been an avid owner since purchasing the Mets in 2020, telling CNBC that he leaves player decisions to his baseball team.

“It’s not me who makes the decisions. My baseball teams make the decisions,” he said. “My job is that when they need me to support their decisions, they come to me and say, ‘This is what I want to do.’ I never said no to anything. I mean, we have discussions and we talk about it, but those ideas don’t come from me, which is totally different from running my hedge fund.

Mets Owner Steve Cohen Corey Sipkin for NY POST
Harrison Bader reacts to his retirement in the Mets’ loss to the Tigers on Monday. Corey Sipkin for NY POST

Cohen, who is also CEO and president of Point72 Asset Management, added that he is much more involved in his hedge fund, but with 200 portfolio managers, they also have the freedom to do what they need without being micromanaged.

“I’m used to operating in a very decentralized way and giving people a lot of rope,” Cohen said.

The Mets’ poor start isn’t going to convince many fans, who were already reeling from a 2023 that saw them finish 75-87 after posting the highest payroll in the major leagues.

The Mets rained again on Wednesday. P.A.

The Mets have made more subtle player moves this offseason, focusing on building the team by developing young talent while sprinkling in big-name free agents when it makes sense, which could happen next offseason.

Yankees slugger Juan Soto could be one of the names on the market.

Cohen said during the “Squawk Box” interview that he doesn’t “care about the cost side.”

Starling Marte and the Mets are off to an 0-4 start. Corey Sipkin for NY POST

“I said in my original press conference that if I could make millions of people happy, wouldn’t that be cool? And so I view this as a civic responsibility,” he said. “Look, no one wants to lose money forever and spend money without success. And for me, I view success as not just winning the World Series and making the playoffs and winning the World Series, but also developing a deep farm system that creates talent over the years, over and over again. Again.

The Mets hope to turn the corner starting Thursday when they face the Tigers in a doubleheader at Citi Field.

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