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Stellar Blade rated 18+ for nudity and “excessive violence”

It was recently revealed that Stellar Blade, the upcoming sassy post-apocalyptic slasher, was given Korea’s most mature rating by the game’s management board. It has yet to be rated by PEGI or the ESRB, but it is assumed that it will also receive 18+ and Mature ratings in these markets. The document released by the Korean Game Management Committee stated that the determining criteria for this rating were the presence of nudity and excessive violence in the game.

What could they mean?

Stellar Blade has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks after the game’s lengthy trailer was revealed during the PlayStation State of Play showcase. In the trailer, which outlines the fundamentals of the story, we got an in-depth look at the game’s protagonist, Eve. She’s an athletic, scantily clad warrior with supernatural sword skills and a wardrobe chock-full of clothes that make her… burst at the seams.

In the report released by the game’s management committee in Korea, it was stated that Stellar Blade displayed excessive violence – including decapitation and mutilation – and that the “female character” “appeared naked in her costumes” . The term the GMC used to describe this was “explicit expression of bodily exposure”.

It was recently revealed that Eve – the protagonist of Stellar Blade – had “special attention” paid to her “butt” during her creation and that her body was modeled directly on that of a model Korean. There will be a wide range of outfits available to unlock in the game – none of which are behind paywalls – and they are almost all designed to accentuate Eve’s figure.

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