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Steam reveals the highest-grossing games of 2023

As we see it in the final days of 2023, Steam gives us a look at which games were the best-selling over the past 12 months. Although most of you will expect it, there are a few surprises in there. Or at least that’s what I think.

You can see the full list of the top-grossing games of 2023 on the Steam website, which divides them into categories from platinum to bronze, based on overall sales. There are also different lists of the best Steam Deck games, most played, best VR versions, and more.

As for overall best sellers on the platform, companies like Hogwarts Legacy And Baldur’s Gate 3 were surefire winners. It’s also nice to see Son of the Forest in the platinum category. The hype around the indie horror game may have died down, but selling two million copies in a single day obviously gave it a boost.

It was also quite surprising to see people like Star Field And Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 like the best sellers. Okay, the first one might be seeing as it’s one of the most anticipated releases of this generation, but MW3 seemed rather unexpected.

As we go down

Enter the gold, Resident Evil 4 (more sound Different paths DLC) was undoubtedly a great success, and Ancient Ring has still put up impressive numbers, even though he’s now almost two years old.

Fans of Deadly Company I am undoubtedly aware of the success of this little cooperative title among newcomers Zeekers, as evidenced by its place in the gold section. The fact that it only just lost the top spot on Steam gives an idea of ​​how big the horror game has become in such a short time.

Of course Skyrim is part of the list. Certainly in the bronze category, but that still means that the 12-year-old Bethesda RPG is swimming smoothly in the difficult waters of the video game industry.

Check out the link above to see the full list of Steam games that were the crème de la crème of 2023. If I don’t see you after this, Happy New Year everyone!

Andrew Heaton

Andrew has been a player since the Restoration of the 17th century. He now writes for a number of online publications, contributing news and other articles. He does not have a powdered wig.

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