Steam Launches New Background Gameplay Recording and Sharing Feature in Beta

Valve is expanding Steam’s already shaky tower of built-in features with a new background gameplay recording and sharing system that’s now available in beta.

As detailed on Valve’s game recording beta page, Steam’s new suite of console-like video features starts with two distinct recording modes. A background recording mode continuously records gameplay to a preferred drive—users can set duration and storage limits—while an on-demand recording mode lets users start and stop recording at their leisure.

A new timeline feature and player-added event markers are intended to make it easier to find key moments (achievements, screenshots, and in-game events in supported games can also automatically generate markers if desired) and recordings can be trimmed using the new “light” tools.

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There’s also a redesigned recording and screenshot interface where users can edit and share footage, as well as a one-click share option to post a video in a chat session with a friend or with the world in general. Valve says recordings can easily be transferred to another device – Steam Deck to PC, for example – and temporary links to MP4s can be sent via the Steam mobile app or a QR code.

Finally, a new Replay mode is accessible from Steam Overlay in each game, allowing users to quickly return to their recent game. “Useful for seeing what happened when your hero died,” notes Valve, “or for remembering something an NPC mentioned earlier.” »

Steam’s new game recording system – detailed in more detail here – is currently available in beta for all users, and developers can access a new SDK and API. To explore the new features, Steam users should go to Settings > Interface > Beta Participation, then select one of the beta options. Background or on-demand recording can then be enabled via Settings > Game Recording. Expect a public release once Valve has resolved all issues.

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