Steam just made it easier to record all your cool gaming moments

A new beta update for Steam adds a robust and useful game recording tool to the popular PC launcher, allowing you to easily record, edit and share incredible moments or horrible errors on the desktop and Steam bridge.

When Steam first launched in 2003, it was simply a way to update some Valve games like Half Life 2 and buy digital titles. But today, 20 years later, Steam has grown into a massive platform including forums, mods, DLC, streaming, and the ability to share guides and screenshots with other players. And you can now add gameplay capture to the long list of things Steam can do.

Announced June 26, Steam game registration is a new suite of tools and features that will allow players to easily record gameplay of any game, even non-Steam games. As long as Steam is open and the overlay is working, you can record gameplay footage of any game.

Before you start playing around with all the new recording and editing tools, you will need to sign up for the Steam beta branch. Simply head to the Steam menu, navigate to Settings, then Interface, and from there select one of the beta options. Steam will then restart and, bam, you can record yourself dying 200 times at a Ancient Ring chief.

Everything you can do with Steam’s new video recording tool

Valve has launched the new Game Recording tool (which it says is still in beta) with plenty of useful options. You can make Steam always record in the background when you’re playing a game, and you can also limit how much space those recordings can take up before Valve starts overwriting the recorded footage. Valve suggests that this could allow you to go back and cut, using the basic editing tools included in Steam, a cool moment or even rewind to see what an NPC said about of a side quest. You can also configure game recording to record clips manually.

Selected games – currently only DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike 2– will also be able to add custom markers to your game timeline, making it easier to co-edit headshot or victory montages.

Best of all, you and your recordings aren’t trapped in Steam. Valve will allow you to easily export any clip or recording in raw .mp4 format which you can edit and modify using third-party software. You can even share clips with other Steam users via chat or a QR code. You can also send clips saved on your Steam Deck to your PC for easy editing later. And yes, this all works on Steam Deck, which makes the portable PC even more useful.

This is just another example of how Valve has continued to make Steam the best store launcher for PC, by far. While I wish the games launched on more PC platforms and stores, I get it Why so many people prefer Valve’s software. It’s free, easy to use and always improving.


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