Steam is getting built-in game recording and it will also work on Steam Deck

Valve has announced a new built-in recording system for Steam that will allow players to easily replay, trim, and share moments from their favorite games. It’s a nice alternative to the third-party solutions that have been floating around for years, and it even works on Steam Deck.

According to Valve, the new system will work with any game and is designed with performance in mind. It includes many options for customizing disk usage and allows players to send a clip to their device of choice or export it as an mp4 file.

Additionally, Valve has confirmed that the system is Steam Deck verified, meaning players will no longer need to use apps like Decky Recorder to capture clips.

Those interested in trying out the new system can choose to join the beta by going to Settings, navigating to the interface, and choosing either beta option from the Beta Participation menu. After that, you can select background or on-demand recording from the Game Recording menu under Settings.

Earlier today, Valve also revealed a host of statistics about controller usage on the platform, including that 59% of gamers use an Xbox controller. Meanwhile, a game about clicking a banana remains one of the most popular games on Steam.

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