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State of health of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico “no longer puts his life in danger”, according to the Deputy Prime Minister

The Slovak Prime Minister is said to be in stable condition after a long surgery.


The Slovak Prime Minister is no longer in a state of danger for his life after receiving several bullets at close range, according to his Deputy Prime Minister.

Tomáš Taraba told the BBC that Robert Fico “should survive” after Wednesday’s apparent assassination attempt.

The populist leader was attending a political event in the small town of Handlova when the shooting took place, sending shock waves through the central European country.

This comes a few weeks before the European elections.

“I guess in the end he will survive,” Taraba told the British broadcaster. “He is not in a life-threatening situation at the moment.”

“One bullet passed through the stomach and the second hit the joint. He was immediately taken to hospital,” detailed the Deputy Prime Minister.

Slovak Defense Minister Robert Kalinak previously said Fico was “fighting for his life.” and had spent several hours in surgery.

Five shots were fired outside a cultural center in the town of Handlova, nearly 140 kilometers northeast of the capital, Bratislava, government officials said.

The 59-year-old was shot dead while attending a government meeting in this town of 16,000, once a center of coal mining.

Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok said a suspect was in custody and that initial investigations indicated “a clear political motivation” behind the shooting.

Local media published a photo of the suspect, identified as a 71-year-old writer and political activist.

Police have not yet identified the alleged suspect.

Fico is a politically controversial figure in Slovakia and became known for his pro-Russian and anti-American message. In January, he cut off aid to Ukraine.

He has previously expressed support for Russian President Vladimir Putin and is currently campaigning for a controversial reform of Slovakia’s public radio and television services.

Critics fear it will lead Slovakia – a NATO-member nation of 5.4 million – to abandon its pro-Western path and follow in the footsteps of Hungary under populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen was quick to react to the news of the X shooting.

“I strongly condemn the despicable attack on Prime Minister Robert Fico. Such acts of violence have no place in our society and undermine democracy, our most precious common good.”

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