Start learning a new language during Mercury retrograde 2024

The first Mercury retrograde of 2024 is in full swing. Named after the messenger of the gods, Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system and rules the mind and mouth, expression, exchange, commerce, technology and travel.

Three to four times a year, Mercury slows down in its insistent orbit. Contrary to nomenclature, Mercury is not actually moving backward, but appears to be doing so from our position here on Earth.

When this confrontation with the cosmic slowdown occurs, the areas governed by Mercury are affected; the wrong things are said, flights are canceled, contracts are compromised, exes come out of the closet, typos reign supreme, and explicit photos are accidentally sent to the family group chat.

They’re not pretty friends.

This transit is so trying that some vigilant people even give up on dating during Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is the planet of the mind named for the trickster god of messaging. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Yet, if we allow it, Mercury retrograde serves as a great catalyst for self-improvement. If we focus on the prefix re, retrogrades are an invitation to revisit, revise, reimagine and revive ideas and initiatives that we may have abandoned in the past.

Among these abandoned attempts? New Year’s resolutions.

According to language experts at Promova, 88% of respondents cited “learning languages” as one of their New Year’s resolutions in 2024. Unsurprisingly, 74% of them failed to keep their promise .

The openness and enthusiasm that learning a language requires is the specialty of Aries, the sign in which this retrograde slows/descends.

Enter Mercury retrograde, it’s not the best time to revisit a resolution gone wrong. Because Mercury rules language and retrograde calls us to be very considerate in our use of it, this retrograde cycle is an ideal opportunity to retrain your brain and introduce the expansive qualities of a new language.

The openness and enthusiasm that learning a language requires is the specialty of Aries, the sign in which this retrograde slows/descends. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries does not fear failure because it lives in the present and not in the confines of the past.

To help you on your journey, Kate Protsenko, Head of Tutors at Promova, offers the following tips and tricks.

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Tips for Jumpstarting Your Language Learning Goals During Mercury Retrograde

Stay on track with your language learning goals during Mercury retrograde. ten –

Make sure your language learning goals are achievable

Protsenko told the Post: “Setting goals that are too ambitious is a terrible strategy for language learning. Additionally, failing to meet your expectations can have a serious impact on your motivation. This is why it is so important to set achievable goals. Divide big goals into smaller ones. Instead of aiming for something big like reaching B2 in Spanish, try learning ten new words a day or listening to a 20-minute podcast every week. Reaching these milestones will push you forward by triggering the release of dopamine, a “feel-good” hormone that gives a feeling of pleasure and plays an essential role in our motivation.

Ten words a day for dopamine? Can dig.

Learn in small chunks

Take a modest approach to learning a new language. fizkes –

Protsenko tells the Post that taking a bite-sized approach to learning increases the human appetite for knowledge: “Smaller portions of content are easier to digest, reducing the risk of cognitive overload and making learning more accessible and effective. So instead of cramming multiple grammar and vocabulary topics into a 60- or 90-minute lesson, try doing one or two 15-minute learning sessions each day. After these quick lessons, you will notice improved memorization and a subtle thirst to learn more.

Set reminders

Set reminders to stay on track. oatawa –

Because we live in a fast-paced world that moves at the speed of distraction, Protsenko recommends setting alarms or reminders to keep yourself on track.

“Fitting language learning into your schedule in our fast-paced world can be a real challenge, which is why I recommend setting reminders. You can do this in your virtual calendar or on your phone or let the language learning app you use send push notifications. Whatever you choose, it will help you remember your goal.

Celebrate small victories and reward yourself for your achievements

A rewards-based learning approach ensures long-term engagement. Prostock-studio –

A surefire way to accelerate your language acquisition? Celebrate the small successes along the way. Protsenko explains: “Stop overlooking your accomplishments, start noticing your progress, and use positive reinforcement when you reach a goal. Write down your language learning goals and give each one a reward. For example, once you master the Korean alphabet, you buy yourself a new notebook. Just knowing that progress in a new language is followed by something you want can take your learning to the next level.

Take care of your mental health

Learning a new language is a challenge, be kind to yourself. Prostock-studio –

Protsenko emphasizes the importance of a gentle approach to language, especially during Mercury’s taxing retrograde transit: “Learning a new language is both an exciting and challenging journey, and prioritizing mental health during this process is essential. Try to see challenges and mistakes as learning opportunities rather than something negative. The next time you make a mistake, instead of thinking “I’m bad at languages,” interpret it as something you need and can work on.

In the long run, this will help you develop your resilience, perseverance, and positive attitude toward development, and you will be less upset when you make a mistake. Incorporate meditation and deep breathing exercises into your learning routine. For example, take a short walk outside if you’re feeling overwhelmed during a study session: the fresh air and change of scenery can provide a much-needed reset.

Take breaks

Take breaks to avoid burnout and/or information overload. SFIO CRACK –

While it’s important to set goals and maintain a consistent pace to achieve them, Protsenko emphasizes the need for balance and the importance of resting the mind. “You won’t be doing yourself any favors by overloading your brain with information and stressing yourself out with the pressure to learn every day.

“As long as the number of days you study is at least twice the number of days you don’t, you’re fine.”

Kate Protsenko

If you are someone who experiences anxiety about not doing what you are “supposed to do,” I recommend giving yourself one or two days a week without learning a language to calm your mind. and prevent anxiety. As long as the number of days you study is at least twice the number of days you don’t, you’re fine.

Find an effective tool to help you learn

When it comes to learning something new, use every resource you can. Prostock-studio –

In terms of resources, from apps to online courses, there’s never been a better time to start learning a new language. Protsenko explains: “When you have a step-by-step course with all the necessary content planned for you, the idea of ​​starting a learning session becomes more enjoyable. Find your digital assistant and you’ll be good to go! »

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