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Starfield Player Flies 18 Hours Toward The Sun (And It’s Pretty Impressive)

Strong points

  • Starfield allows players to explore over 1,000 planets and moons, but flying to the stars themselves is not normally possible.
  • One player spent 18 hours using a mod to fly from Mercury to Sol, Earth’s sun, and discovered detailed surfaces.
  • Other players have also reported getting closer to the sun in Starfield, suggesting that Bethesda may have more ambitious goals for the game.

It’s no secret that Starfield is home to over 1,000 planets and moons that you can explore, but the stars themselves have always been off-limits. However, one enterprising player spent 18 hours in the real world piloting his ship from Mercury to Sol, Earth’s sun, and the results he found were quite impressive.

Posting his findings and the method by which he got there on Reddit, the player, under the username InfinityPortal, said he used unorthodox methods to complete the long journey, as the game generally only allows you to travel towards the gravitational attractions of planets or moons via rapid travel. (While you can’t land on gas giants, you can at least get there quickly, which is much closer than you can normally get to the sun.)


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Making the trip involved using a mod that the player said “unlocks the acceleration” of the spaceship. However, they still left the speed low enough to make the trip at least believably long enough. After flying for a very long time, they even had to turn their ship in the opposite direction and operate the thrusters to facilitate deceleration, stopping “about 2.2 LS from the Sun.”

One of the most interesting discoveries from this journey is that Bethesda has placed a high level of detail on the surface of the sun, even though players cannot get close to it under normal circumstances. Some people responding to the post noted that in a few star systems, some planets come close enough to their sun that some of these details can be seen, and speculation has also been raised that Bethesda may have wanted players to be able to fly up to the stars in previous versions of the game. “Many aspects of the game suggest they had lofty goals that had to be scaled back during development,” commented Reddit user XOmniverse.

This isn’t the first time a Starfield player has reported getting close to a sun. Reddit user DaKushyMonster also shared a similar image of a ship near a sun in September, noting that the star made a unique noise. There’s also this YouTube video from around the same time, in which the player rides through a sun in their ship and uses mods to get out of their ship and get a closer look.

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