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Starfield among highest-earning Steam games despite ‘mostly negative’ reviews and Game Pass

Patrick Dané

Starfield was part of Steam’s highest-earning Best of 2023 promotion, although the game is available through Game Pass subscriptions and has garnered “mostly negative” user reviews as of late.

Starfield’s massive universe has been one of the game’s biggest draws since its September launch. Since then, players have lost themselves in its vast universe and sought to create their own stories in the stars.

However, sentiment has recently deteriorated towards the game. The title received “mostly negative” user reviews last week on Steam, and some modders expressed that they did not want to not keep trying to create mods for the game because it was “boring”.

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However, that didn’t stop it from ranking among Steam’s top-earning games this year. Valve launched its Best of 2023 promotion and Starfield found itself at platinum level, making it one of the highest-earning games on the store. We’re not sure where he fits on this list, but he’s at least in the top 12.

Starfield sold well on Steam despite obstacles

This is surprising for several reasons. First, the aforementioned change in sentiment towards gaming. Titles often rely on good word of mouth to continue selling well. However, it makes sense because many players would have to own it and play a decent amount to share their negative sentiment.

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Perhaps more surprising, however, is that the game was available on Game Pass. If players had a subscription to the Xbox service, they could play Starfield at no additional cost. One might expect this to significantly reduce the title’s sales on Steam, but it seems that a good number of PC gamers would rather own it than subscribe to Game Pass.

Another contributing factor here is that Bethesda sold the game at a premium price for an early access period a week before the game arrived on Game Pass. It’s possible that many simply wanted to play it sooner, rather than waiting for it to hit Microsoft’s subscription service.

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Whatever the reason, it’s clear that interest in Starfield was enormous and there was a desire to own it. Although the game has moved towards a more negative perception, hopefully with the continued support and work of the modding community, we can see it having a long life in the vein of other Besthesda games like Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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