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ST. CHARLES, Missouri ( – A couple from Saint-Charles who died from the coronavirus within days of each other have spent the whole of 2020 in isolation at home, their family said.

Raymond and Diana Borus have been married for 44 years and leave behind four children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“My mother isolated herself in her room, she didn’t even want to leave the house, it was almost total isolation for my mother,” said Pete Borus. “It’s except chemotherapy treatments and things like that, so there were times when they had to leave.”

Borus said his family, like many others, have decided to forgo vacations, reunions and birthdays. The family do not know where the couple contracted the virus. In mid-January, Raymond and Diana tested positive, according to their son. A few days later, Raymond was admitted to the ICU at BJC St. Peters and placed on a ventilator. He would never go home.

Borus said his mother was also admitted to the hospital around the same time and spent several days in intensive care. However, he said she started to improve and was sent home. A few days later, she returned and was put on a ventilator as her condition deteriorated.

“My mom was doing pretty well, then it got worse, she died first, then my dad three days later,” Borus said.

Raymond Borus died of COVID-19 on February 16. His 44-year-old wife, Diana, died on February 13.

“I guess the only thing that comforts me in all of this is that he never had to find out that his wife was dead and my mom never had to find out my dad was dead, they are went together, ”Borus said.

He said the family went through a wide range of emotions, from anger to sadness and frustration.

“They did everything right and still got sick,” he said. “I know my parents would have received the vaccine in the blink of an eye if they could have at the time.” Borus now encourages others to get vaccinated when the opportunity arises.

“This is the only way we’re going to get out of this,” he said. “You think it can’t happen to you, but it can. It still seems surreal. We’re burying two people on Saturday and I feel like we shouldn’t be. I don’t know … c death of a parent is one thing to experience, how do you deal with two? “

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