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Squid Game: National Education warns about dangerous games at school – France

Released on Netflix a month ago, the Squid Game series is a worldwide success. It is also on the way to breaking all audience records for the streaming platform. And, since Wednesday, it is already the most viewed series in less than a month with 111 million accounts to have seen it!

1,2,3 sun, marbles, hopscotch …

For those who have, we do not know how, escaped the phenomenon, Squid Game is a South Korean series in nine episodes where 456 people, isolated on an island, are in the race for the jackpot, that is to say 45 , 6 billion won (€ 33m). To achieve this, they participate in different games where the losers are executed. One of the “originalities” of this series, a mixture of Battle Royale and the Prisoner? These are the famous games inspired by those children play in schoolyards, from sun 1, 2, 3 to marbles, hopscotch or tug of war.

A series “forbidden” to under 16s

If this series is “forbidden” to under 16 years, many children have watched it. And the first incidents in schoolyards in Belgium have been revealed via social networks. In England, the daily The Independent also reports that school directors have sent messages to parents (“Parents of children who try to reproduce these behaviors will be called and sanctions will be applied”).

“We must remain vigilant and attentive”

In France, messages were also sent to parents, such as this one: “You may have heard of a Squid Game from a television series prohibited for children under 16 broadcast on Netflix. This game is currently spreading on playgrounds. At first glance, it seems harmless and harmless like “1-2-3 sun”, but its goal would be to beat the loser. I think that all of us, parents and educators, must remain vigilant and attentive ”.

(Instagram screenshot)

Prevention, monitoring and identification

In France, concern is growing. On the side of parents, some messages circulating on the networks (see above), up to the National Education. The latter also sent, last week and via the director of school education, an internal document to its departmental directors. He indicates that the ministry has been alerted to violent practices in connection with games in the Squid Game series. The directors of the services are also asked to ensure the possible identification and prevention of this practice.

A report in Vannes

This Wednesday afternoon, the ministry confided to have had a positive overall feedback without massive reporting. However, cases have been reported, and in particular in Vannes where a teacher had to stop playing in the schoolyard. “It is also a question of education”, also recalls the ministry. “The series is forbidden to those under 16, but that escapes us because it is a question of private life. “

In the meantime, if this phenomenon is global in schoolyards, it is in South Korea that it is most discreet …