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Sport News Spectator faces four-month suspended prison sentence for causing “worst accident in Tour de France history”

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The spectator who caused the huge downfall of the Tour de France in June faces a suspended four-month prison sentence.

An anonymous 31-year-old woman from Brittany, France was tried in Brest after triggering what has been called the “worst accident in Tour de France history”.

His actions caused a huge crash

With around 45 km to go, she’s infamous on the road holding a banner for the television cameras.

As a result, Tony Martin crashed into his arm, hit the ground and caused a mass stack.

He effectively blocked the road with several cyclists affected and bikes broken.

She was arrested and charged with endangering lives and causing unintentional injuries.

The prosecution requested that she be given a four-month suspended prison sentence and the trial was adjourned for a verdict on December 9.

“I am ashamed”, she would have declared in court.

“I am a calm person. Everything that has happened is the opposite of who I am.

A lawyer representing the Cavaliers Association (CPA) said they hoped this case would demonstrate the seriousness of his mistake.

“The public is the key to cycling races, they must remain so, but it must be done with respect for the physical integrity of the riders,” said the lawyer.

“This case is representative of what can happen with people who want to stage themselves with photos, videos.

“You have to do it with a minimum of common sense and that was not the case there. “