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Jack Wilshere is back at Arsenal but is only at the club for training as a former Gunner has ruled out a return to the pitch.

Wilshere left Arsenal in 2018 when his contract expired and has failed to find a starting spot at any club he has been to since.

Wilshere is back at Arsenal to get back in shape as he hopes to secure a contract elsewhere

Wilshere was a fan favorite in the Emirates, but his career was hampered but many injuries.

Since leaving the club in 2018 he has tried to regain that form at West Ham and Bournemouth, but unfortunately for him he was unable to do so.

Former Arsenal midfielder David Hillier provided an update on the player’s situation.

“I have inside information on this. I’m a lucky man so I’m playing golf on Friday with a guy who’s doing all of his home security and he’s very friendly to him, ”Hillier said on the Highbury Squad YouTube channel.

Wilshere's performance against Barcelona in 2011 is still talked about to this day

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Wilshere’s performance against Barcelona in 2011 is still talked about to this day

“He was talking to me about him. They’ve been good friends since then anyway. He told me he was just training at the club to try to get another club.

“There is no pay-as-play offer. He didn’t even speak to anyone at the club.

“He’s happy to take a championship club and come back to football. He just wants to play. He wants to get in shape.

“And he certainly doesn’t want to be someone who goes back to the club and crumbles at Arsenal. I know that for sure. It was said in the conversation.

“He doesn’t want to be someone who wants to be a mentor. He still has some play to do. He wants Arsenal to miss him. Nothing in it. “

Wilshere was loved by fans

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Wilshere was loved by fans

Since his senior debut in 2008, Wilshere has captured the hearts of fans and is a huge fan favorite.

In those ten years he’s racked up nearly 200 games for the club and helped them win two FA Cups and a Community Shield and in football you can never rule anything out.


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