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Southern California fire ban extended amid ‘stagnant’ climate

Angelenos hoping to relax by the fire this week should make other plans.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District extended a no-burn order for much of Southern California until Thursday amid poor air quality. The agency blames – coincidentally – the bad air on residents taking advantage of holiday fires as well as “stagnant” weather.

The burning ban, which covers most of the region from the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys to northern Oceanside, first went into effect on Christmas Day.

“We have seen high levels of fine particle pollution over the past few days due to stagnant weather conditions and increased emissions from wood burning due to the holiday season,” the agency said. South Coast AQMD in a statement to The Times.

Stagnation occurs when an air mass persists over an area, according to the National Weather Service. With little or no airflow on land or offshore, particles from fires and other pollution, such as vehicle emissions, concentrate in the atmosphere.

The AQMD ban prohibits the burning of wood and manufactured logs in fireplaces and outdoor wood-burning appliances. Mountain communities above 3,000 feet and homes that rely on wood furnaces are exempt.

Particles from burning wood accumulate in the air and can cause asthma attacks and other respiratory problems, which can lead to increased hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

If the agency does not see an improvement in air quality, the burning ban could be extended until Friday.

But rainy weather is forecast and could help clear the air.

Los Angeles could see up to an inch of rain in a storm expected to arrive Friday and continue through Saturday.

“Expected rain showers over the holiday weekend are expected to help reduce concentrations of fine particulate matter, making a no-burn alert unlikely on Saturday,” the agency said.

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