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Sophie Turner Breaks Silence on ‘Shocking’ Joe Jonas Divorce Fallout

Sophie Turner is still in shock from the consequences of her and Joe Jonas‘ to break up.

Eight months after Jonas Brothers the star filed for divorce Game Of Thrones A former student, Sophie remembers the onslaught of speculation that followed their split, including rumors that she preferred partying to being a mother of two.

“I mean, those were the worst days of my life,” said the British actress, who shares daughters Willa Jonas3, and Delphine Jonas22 months, says Vogue UK in an interview published on May 15. “I remember I was on set, I had a contract to stay on set for another two weeks, so I couldn’t leave. My kids were in the States and I couldn’t join them because I had to finish Jane. And all these articles started coming out.”

“It hurts because I completely torture myself with every move I make as a mom – mom guilt is so real!” » added the 28-year-old. “I kept telling myself, ‘None of this is true. You’re a good mom and you were never a party girl.'”


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