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‘SNL’ Cold Attacks Trump’s Post-Hearing Press Conferences – NBC Chicago

The Season 49 finale of “Saturday Night Live” began with a “message from former President Donald Trump,” performed by actor James Austin Johnson, who gave an impression of Trump’s real-life press conferences after a day in a Manhattan courtroom for his ongoing hush money trial.

“Thank you for coming to visit me in my cage at the zoo,” Johnson said as Trump in a barracks-like setting outside the real Manhattan courthouse.

Trump then said he didn’t like being in court because they were saying “very mean” things about him while he was “trying to sleep.”

“But I love being here in the hallway outside of court, daring the judge to jail me,” Trump hilariously continued. “He gave me a gag order, I said it sounded like a dare on ‘RuPaul’.”

After Trump concluded the trial could send him to a place he really doesn’t want to go, the White House, and that he wouldn’t testify out of “fear,” the former president focused on something who pleases him. and much more: Vice presidential candidates suck it.

First, Trump was visited by Senator Tim Scott, played by Devon Walker, who said he was at the trial to help “Trump win the black vote, especially my vote, you know, because ‘no other black people vote, but because black people don’t’. like me.”

Scott then added that he is “his own man” and that when Trump says to jump, he “doesn’t ask how high, he says, ‘Here’s the jump I was going to do anyway.'”

Scott was then followed by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, played by Heidi Gardner, who also held a gun to a puppy’s head.

In real life, Noem admitted to killing a 14-month-old dog that she said was misbehaving in her recently published book.

“Nobody move or the puppy will catch it,” Gardner said as Noem in the sketch.

“I’m joking. It’s a fake dog, but it’s a real weapon,” she then said.

Finally, Trump was joined by the “great and late” Hannibal Lecter, whom the real Trump called “wonderful” at a rally in New Jersey last weekend.

“I keep calling him late and great, even though he’s not dead, he’s not great and he’s not real,” Johnson said as Trump after actor Michael Longfellow was taken out strapped to a stretcher, like the character Hannibal Lecter, played by Anthony. Hopkins, was featured in “The Silence of the Lambs.”

“He gives me Pence vibes,” Johnson later added as Trump.

After wrapping up the cold open, “SNL” continued to play the remainder of the Season 49 finale with host Jake Gyllenhaal and musical guest Sabrina Carpenter.

In his monologue, Gyllenhaal noted that he was the last host before the 50th season of the iconic sketch show, whose 50th anniversary has already been confirmed.

NBC Chicago

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