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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Fights Christine’s View On Her Split From Kody

Janelle Brown controlled the narrative surrounding his separation from Kody Brown as opposed to newlyweds Christine BrunThe account of events regarding her time with Kody. The 54-year-old ended her marriage to Kody last year and opened up about her reasons for leaving and her intention to never return to that life with her ex-husband.

Janelle Brown Debunks Christine Brown’s Role in Her Divorce From Kody Brown

The mother of six set the record straight on Christine’s wild claims during the second chapter of the “Sister Wives Talk Back” special. Christine said she encouraged Janelle to leave her marriage to Kody after he took the initiative and left for good. In his words:

“From the day I asked her not to stay there anymore, I took my life back and I got it back and I became stronger that day. I’m not saying Janelle should follow the same path and she has (a) A very different situation than mine, but she needs to know that everything is okay on the other side.”

However, Janelle described Christine’s statement as unfair and frustrating because she constantly implied that she needed encouragement to leave Kody adding:

“You have to show me that everything is okay – and this is just bullshit – because I left. I have three kids who still live in Flagstaff. So why don’t I stay here? I love Flagstaff. J I have three children here.”


Janelle clarified that their scattered assets were part of the reason for her inability to move away from Flagstaff, and Christine shouldn’t take her current single status as a sign that she’s still stuck with Kody.

Janelle married Kody in a spiritual marriage in 1993 to join Meri Brown as his second wife. They welcomed six children together and two more sister wives before splitting in 2022. In the first installment of the special, Janelle opened up about Kody’s unhealthy behavior throughout their marriage. According to her:

“Kody has this thing where he’s like, I’ve done so much and sacrificed so much for this relationship.” Well, that’s a wake-up call. If he feels like he had to sacrifice himself for the relationship, maybe it’s better if it’s over because it’s a two-part equation in a marriage.

The mother of four said the marriage ended as soon as Kody stopped being a good father to their children, adding that she regretted not continuing her education and setting healthy boundaries with her peers. Wives.”

The explosion previously reported on Kody’s attempt to reconcile with Janelle during an episode of “Sister Wives” when he took her to a birthday party. Even though Janelle kept things civil at the table, she opened up about her reluctance to rekindle their romance in her confessional on the show, adding:

“I just don’t think there’s a long way to go for Kody and I. We’re just different people now. He thinks differently.”

Kody Brown Attends The Nutcracker Opening NightKody Brown Attends The Nutcracker Opening Night


Later scenes showed Kody attempted to kiss Janelle that night but was rejected, which did not go down well with the 54-year-old.

Brunette patriarch banks on Christine’s new marriage to keep her in check

As for Kody and Christine’s dynamic, the father of 18 is tired of her constant criticism and hopes his new marriage to David Wooley will put an end to the back-and-forth between them.

He expressed this desire in the final episode of the “Sister Wives: One-on-One” special last month, stating that if Christine truly loved her husband, she should stop his rants about him to their six children. and the public.

Kody also met Wooley on an unaired episode of the TLC show and later shared his thoughts about her in his confessional. saying:

“I met David for 15 minutes, I had a conversation, a very sweet and light conversation. He talked mostly with Robyn, and she found him very nice. Christine chose him, so I think that It’s a good match, but I don’t know.”

Christine, the first to leave plural marriage in 2021, cited Kody’s preferred treatment of Robyn Brown as one of her reasons. However, her monogamous marriage to Wooley helped her understand the situation better, as she admitted:

“I was standing in my kitchen and I was like, This is how Kody feels about Robyn. How I feel about David is how Kody and Robyn feel about each other.”

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