Sideshows reported in Antioch, Oakland and West Contra Costa

Antioch leaders are speaking out after shows hit their city and other East Bay areas last weekend.

Officials said shows were held in Antioch, Oakland and unincorporated West Contra Costa County. No injuries were reported.

An estimated 200 people blocked the intersection of Lone Tree Way and Golf Course Road in Antioch early Sunday morning as cars spun donuts and spectators set off fireworks, authorities said. But Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe said that unlike other cities, police quickly shut down the show and dispersed the crowd — in about 40 minutes.

A sideshow was also reported in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood at 51st Street and Telegraph Avenue. Another show with fireworks and cars spinning donuts took place near Hercules on Franklin Canyon Road near the golf course.

Hernandez-Thorpe warned that those involved in illegal street activity in Antioch will be held accountable.

“We don’t mess with anyone,” the mayor said. “If you come here and disturb the peace, you will be held responsible.”

Hernandez-Thorpe said the city has used drones to capture license plate numbers and will use footage to cite and fine violators and tow and impound vehicles. The process may take up to a few weeks, but it will happen, he said, adding that more officers have been added to the patrol unit.

On Tuesday, the city took another step to discourage entertainment downtown by installing an electric fence in the marina’s large parking lot. Hernandez-Thorpe said the parking lot would be locked at night and only open in the morning. New traffic barriers near Dozier-Libbey High School in southeast Antioch also have helped prevent illegal activity on the streets where Sand Creek Road dead ends, he said.

In February, the Antioch City Council unanimously approved a first reading of an ordinance that would allow fines of up to $1,000 and up to six months in prison for those who organize or advertise Illegal street racing, shows and reckless driving events. But on second reading, which is usually a formality in the consent calendar, Council Members Mike Barbanica and Lori Ogorchock reversed course, saying it wasn’t enough and the new rules were rescinded .

Barbanica said at the time that he wanted to include a way to quote viewers.

The mayor, for his part, promised to put the entertainment ordinance back on the agenda when a full council was present. He and Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker were absent at the last hearing on March 12.

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