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Should the Patriots have kept Sony Michel?

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I don’t want to hear from the people… who pounced on him and called him a bust while he was here, and now lament the decision to let him go, writes Chad Finn.

Los Angeles Rams running back Sony Michel. AP Photo / Kyusung Gong

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Were the Patriots too quick to trade Sony Michel? He wasn’t a great full-back, but he would at least have been a proven replacement for Damien Harris, who still has a lot to prove. – Doug D.

Well, I thought they should have kept it when it came time to trade with the Rams at the end of the preseason. He was a more productive player than previously thought, likely because he was dominated by college teammate Nick Chubb, who was drafted later than him. He was excellent in the 2018 Super Bowl run, and I think he will play well for the Rams once he gets acclimatized. He might even become a decent receiver out of the backfield. He was showing signs of improvement there in the camp.

But I’ll say this: I don’t want to hear from people – especially sports talk show hosts – who pounced on him and called him a bust during his time here, and now lament the decision to let him go. . This is as fallacious as it is predictable, and please catch up before you start repeating such insincere nonsense.

  • Trent Brown Patriots

    Trent Brown and Kyle Van Noy out of Patriots practice Wednesday

The Patriots will do well to run. Harris is good and potentially excellent. Rhamondre Stevenson was essentially wiped off the game’s depth chart after losing a fumble (and not exactly digging through the stack to try and get it back), but there’s real reason to be excited about what he’s doing. he can bring. And I think we’ll see JJ Taylor active very soon here, maybe even Sunday against the Jets. His beep beep! speed gives offensive an element that none of the other running backs provide.

I liked Michel. I would have kept it. But I understand why they left. And there has to be a lot more evidence that this was a mistake before this decision can be sincerely challenged.

What do everyone else think? Should the Patriots have kept Sony Michel? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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