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Shoppers 40-70 Love Tula Tinted Moisturizer for Airbrushed Skin

Shoppers 40-70 Love Tula Tinted Moisturizer for Airbrushed Skin

I know it’s not hip anymore to like a full coverage foundation, but personally, I don’t care, I’m that girl! That being said…the summer weather tells me I need to find some lightweight alternatives. However, I still need blemish-hiding coverage and long-lasting wear – an SPF wouldn’t hurt either. This isn’t as simple a question as it may seem, but I found a solution with Tula’s Radiant Skin Brightening Tinted Serum, on sale now.

Tula is a no-brainer when it comes to anti-aging skincare and primers that blur fine lines and pores into oblivion. It makes sense that its relatively new complexion products are so effective, at least according to the more than 300 five-star buyer reviews.

Right now you can get % off TK sitewide until May 23, so I can’t wait to add this perfect summer skin tint to your cart.

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On the cosmetic side, the skin tint comes in 30 shades and has light to medium coverage and a claimed 12-hour wear. On the skincare side, it is formulated with niacinamide, collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and a probiotic complex. This means long-term benefits of barrier protection, improved luminosity, improved hydration and suppleness, and reduced wrinkles.

“This totally clears out my pores,” one shopper wrote. The 43-year-old shopper continued, “(someone) said my skin was glowing and looked almost airbrushed.” Others say they see improvements in the “brightness,” “hydration,” and “softness” of their skin. One 77-year-old buyer went so far as to call it a “miracle.” As for the lasting power of the Radiant Skin Brightening Serum Skin Tint, one shopper said it lasted for “12-hour shifts” in “90-degree heat and 80 percent humidity.”

Tula’s Radiant Skin Brightening Serum Skin Tint seems like a winning choice for a lightweight, long-lasting, summer-proof skin tint. Grab it on sale at Tula while you can, and if you’re looking for even lighter coverage, check out its basics below: Shoppers say they can completely replace makeup.


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