Shark bites San Diego swimmer in torso; injuries are significant

A 46-year-old man — part of a group of ocean swimmers who regularly train in waters north of San Diego — was attacked by a shark Sunday morning in Del Mar, prompting authorities in the beach town to block access to water until later. during the week.

The attack took place around 9 a.m. Sunday in the ocean off 17th Street in Del Mar, according to city officials. said in a statement.

The victim, who was bitten in the torso, left arm and hand, was transported to a local hospital, authorities said, where he was treated for injuries they described as significant but likely not life-threatening. not his life in danger.

After the attack, lifeguards began posting signs prohibiting swimmers and surfers from entering the water at beaches within a mile in either direction of the incident site.

The water shutoff, officials said, will remain in effect until 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Last week, surfers and swimmers were barred from entering the water at another Southern California beach, following what authorities described as “aggressive behavior of sharks”.

In this attack, which occurred on Memorial Day weekend in San Clemente, a shark knocked a surfer off his board.

California Daily Newspapers

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