Severe weather alert until this morning

(WALA) – We have a lot of rain/thunderstorms on the radar this morning but coverage will gradually weaken as the day goes on. The strongest storms will move east during the day, so those of you who live east of I-65 will need to be on guard for as long as possible in case of severe weather.

Highs today will reach the mid 70s again, but with a cold front coming in behind the rain/storms, we will see cooler, less humid air moving in. Temperatures will drop to around 50 degrees at dawn Wednesday and tomorrow’s high will barely be reached. making it 60 degrees, so if you’re a fan of cooler weather over Thanksgiving weekend, you’ll love the upcoming forecast.

High temperatures will remain in the 58 to 60 degree range Wednesday through Friday, with weekend highs in the low 60s to low 60s. Mornings will stay in the mid 40s through the holiday weekend, so no frost but certainly cooler than recent days. There might be a few scattered cold showers during Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but it wouldn’t be anything heavy.

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