Sebastian Vettel defends Formula 1 and Max Verstappen dominance with Man City argument

Sebastian Vettel has some advice for Premier League fans who don’t care about Formula 1.

The four-time world champion spoke to talkSPORT and was keen to defend Max Verstappen’s current era of dominance.


Vettel is enjoying Verstappen’s dominance, even if others aren’tCredit: Getty

Prior to the Australian Grand Prix, Verstappen had won 19 of the previous 20 races, breaking records along the way. So there were cheers when his Red Bull stopped in Melbourne.

From a spectacular perspective, such drama will be unique, with an unexpected brake failure ending the Dutchman’s race, and his dominance is almost certain to continue in the next outing in Japan.

This could well lead to a drop in viewership after an unprecedented number of victories last season, but Vettel does not see this as a problem.

“From a competitive point of view, it’s normal,” said the former Ferrari and Red Bull driver. “There were always phases where a certain team or driver dominated the sport.

“You could say the same thing about other sports, the same football club winning the Premier League, mainly Man City, it’s boring if you look up five, six, seven or even ten different teams that have won over the course of the last ten years.

“It always depends on the angle you look at, and what you shouldn’t forget, and what I’m trying to emphasize, is the perfection and the excellence that Max is achieving at this moment.

“Of course, as a spectator you would hope for more overtaking and more people running alongside each other, but Max is just a little bit ahead. I think it’s normal that the sport goes through different phases of domination but by a certain team or a certain driver.

Vettel enjoyed a similar era of dominance with four consecutive titles from 2010 to 2013, something Verstappen looks certain to repeat.

Vettel was untouchable for four years, just like Verstappen now


Vettel was untouchable for four years, just like Verstappen nowCredit: Getty

After that, Mercedes won seven in a row thanks to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg before one of the most competitive seasons in the sport’s history in 2021.

Radical changes to aerodynamic rules ended a stunning rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen in ’21, but Vettel has enjoyed the spectacle ever since.

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“I’m a fan, I think it’s great to watch,” he said. “Obviously it’s not always as exciting as watching two people fight for first place, but it’s not something where you show up and expect a certain outcome.

“The sport is what it is and at the moment Max is driving at a better level than probably all the other drivers, and on top of that the team around him gives him all the tools to work, so you have to ‘accept and take your hat. because he’s just a little bit better than everyone else right now.

It’s not just Red Bull perfecting the rule changes that have led to the current era of dominance, but also Mercedes’ trial and error.

On the Silver Arrows, Vettel added: “It’s difficult once you lose momentum and you have strong opposition with Max and Red Bull.

Hamilton is set to leave Mercedes, and there is much talk that Vettel could replace him


Hamilton is set to leave Mercedes, and there is much talk that Vettel could replace himCredit: Getty

“It’s difficult to get back to that level, so they’re just missing little bits here and there. Normally, it’s not one ingredient that’s missing, it’s a lot of little things and that’s ultimately what makes the difference.

Mercedes is so poor that Hamilton chose to leave at the end of the season for Ferrari. That opens up a place among the eight-time champions, and Vettel, who retired in 2022, would not rule out a return to the German team.

“I don’t know yet, obviously there are some things I miss about the sport and other things I don’t miss,” he said of the speculation.

“At the moment I’m busy with other things and I’m very happy to be at home with the children.”


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