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Sean Lowe reveals the key to his marriage to Catherine Giudici

And while he says a shared faith is “the foundation” of their marriage, they both also worship at the altar of sarcasm and playful mockery, with Catherine joking on his 40th birthday that he doesn’t “look over 46” and Sean. acknowledging their January anniversary by writing, “I don’t deserve her but the cool thing about marriage is she’s stuck with me now.”

Cut from the same bouquet, so to speak, “A lot of married couples may have opposite personalities,” Sean said. “But in our case, we’re very similar. We both have this childish sense of humor. We’re always just looking to make each other laugh and have fun. And sometimes that keeps us from achieving real things. But for the most part, I think it’s great.”

Even when they’re in the middle of a fight, “10 minutes later, there’s probably a good chance we’ll be laughing at something ridiculous,” Sean said, “and that helps get through some of those more uncomfortable situations. “


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