Scooter that whizzed François Hollande to lover’s apartment could be yours – POLITICO

The French press delighted in the salacious detail of a security guard delivering lovers a bag of croissants early in the morning. Although it was later claimed that the bag contained documents rather than pastries, the croissants have become a comic motif in French politics and even appear to be promoted by Hollande himself.

These revelations shook the reputation of the former French president, who separated from Trierweiler shortly after. He and Gayet married in 2022.

Ten years later, the scandalous scooter still fascinates. The vehicle, which has changed ownership several times since 2015, will now be auctioned on May 26 in a castle in the Loire, said the Rouillac auction house.

“The Élysée scooter used by President François Hollande to join actress Julie Gayet incognito and gallantly on New Year’s Day 2014,” we can read in the press release from the Rouillac auction house.

French media reported that the starting price of the scooter – without the helmet – would be €10,000.

“In January 2014, François Hollande’s scooter entered the category of legendary vehicles, because it tells the story, to the French, of a man like any other, and of a nation torn between its desire to power and awareness of its decline. », Specify the Rouillac auctioneers in a press release.


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