Sarah Paulson Shares Her Take on the Nepo Baby Debate

Hopper Penn and Dylan Penn

“I can see that I’m really upset that I got this role, as someone else,” Dylan said. W after dad Sean Penn directed her in the 2021 drama Flag Day. At the same time, she added, as a working actress, “I’ve been auditioning forever. I’ve been rejected forever.”

Regarding the brouhaha over his brother starring in a short film directed by Spielberg’s daughter, Dylan pointed out: “It’s business. It’s about who you know. Always. Whether you’re Sean Penn’s son or No.”

Hopper, who made his film debut in Sean’s film The last face, told E! News in February that the talk about baby Nepo didn’t really affect him.

“I’m like, ‘If you like it, cool. If you don’t like it, great,'” he explained, having just made Devil’s Peak with mom Robin Wright. “And if you think there’s nepotism, I don’t care because I’m going to do the job as professionally as everyone else, and I’m not going to come in there and do it half-heartedly because I am I work with my father, I work with my mother.'”

Working with his father, Hopper noted, was the same “big nightmare” for him as it was for every other actor who were not linked to the director.

And on any project, he added, “if I messed up in the movie on the first day, I’d be fired like everyone else. Or, if I was horrible, I’d be horrible. And I was horrible.”


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