Samsung unveils a trio of new ISOCELL camera sensors

Samsung has just revealed a collection of new ISOCELL camera sensors for smartphones, and they could be the successors to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices.

In a post this week, Samsung announced the ISOCELL HP9, GNJ, and JN5. These three new sensors each have a different function.

ISOCELL HP9 is a 200 MP sensor specifically designed for use with a telephoto lens. Samsung has been making 200MP sensors for a while now, with one of them, the ISOCELL HP2, being the main camera sensor used in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung says the HP9 features a 1/1.4-inch sensor size, a pixel size of 0.56 micrometers (μm), and uses a new high-refraction microlens to capture more light and improve autofocus. Most telephoto lenses today don’t have such high megapixel counts, but the Honor Magic 6 Pro helped prove just how effective a high-resolution telephoto lens can be.

Perhaps we’ll see something similar in a future Galaxy flagship?

Then there’s the ISOCELL JN5, a 50MP camera sensor from Samsung that seems to be focused on being a generalized sensor for multiple applications. The sensor features a sensor size of 1/2.76 inch and a pixel size of 0.64 μm. In other words, it is a smaller sensor that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Finally, the Samsung ISOCELL GNJ is another 50MP camera sensor, but this time with a 1/1.57-inch sensor size and a 1.0μm pixel size. The dual-pixel sensor, according to Samsung, offers improved video, fewer artifacts in photos, and much lower power consumption. This sensor is part of the same series that Google has been using in its latest Pixel devices, making it at least a contender for future Pixel phones. That said, this one is smaller in size, so it may not end up in a Pixel flagship anytime soon, especially since Google doesn’t upgrade its main sensor every generation (and did last year).

These new camera sensors could start appearing in Android phones in the coming months, but Samsung has yet to announce any devices that use them.

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