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Samsung mocks Apple’s overwhelming iPad Pro ad with its own ‘UnCrush’ pitch

On one hand, the responses included creatives like Hugh Grant and everyone who spotted a slightly too sharp depiction of Big Tech’s steamroller approach to art, copyright and the past, powered by the power of generative AI tools. On the other hand, there were people annoyed by the knowledge that there was any negative reaction.

In response, the Samsung Mobile account on posted this video with the hashtag “UnCrush”, which Ad age reports was created by BBH USA and produced by Zen Pace. It shows a woman stepping over debris and spilled paint, recalling the end of the great Apple hydraulic press incident, and sitting down to hum and play notes on a guitar, assisted in some way other by the notes displayed on its Galaxy Tab S9 and the power of the Galaxy AI.

Whatever side you’re on when it comes to the big political divide when it comes to iPad advertising, it’s a bit amusing to see Samsung trying to find a weak spot in Apple’s armor again. Samsung’s marketing department practically specialized in this area, which the company’s lawyers said “drove Apple crazy,” but it seemed to burn out after removing ads on iPhones that ditched in-app charging. More recent attempts, like a browser-based Galaxy test for iPhone owners, simply haven’t had the same impact as making fun of that distinctive notch.

News Source : www.theverge.com
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