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Salas criticizes Hurtado on abortion rights amid complicated California Democratic primary

The ad comes just hours after the PAC, the Democratic majority in the House, launched an ad in Spanish highlighting Salas’ record on abortion rights.

Hurtado’s campaign did not immediately provide comment in response to the negative publicity.

Hurtado’s presence on the ballot, which almost certainly risks splitting the Democratic vote, prompted the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to intervene last month with a series of joint ads supporting Salas. The DCCC campaign and Salas have now spent a total of $898,000 on the primary, in addition to the House Majority PAC’s $919,000.

Democratic groups have worked to counter Hurtado ahead of the primary race, although she raised less than $60,000 last year and entered 2024 with less than $5,000 in cash on hand.

Valadao also faces a challenge on the right from conservative Republican Chris Mathys, who last cycle nearly beat Valadao by 2,000 votes in the primary and place in the top two.

The district went for President Joe Biden in 2020, but primaries in this largely agricultural region tend to include a disproportionately higher number of Republican voters. If Hurtado can siphon off even a small number of Democrats from Salas, it could lock Democrats out of one of the most competitive races in the country.


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