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Saint-Brieuc wind farm: the LR-RN alliance is brewing – Wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc: years of tension

At the Brittany Regional Council, the recent alliance between the Republicans and the National Rally around the offshore wind farm file in Saint-Brieuc is variously appreciated according to its position in the hemicycle. During a session, which starts this Thursday in Rennes, elected officials must indeed position themselves on a joint request from the two political groups to constitute an information mission around this site which is the subject of debate. An initiative that has no chance of success since the left-wing majority should, unsurprisingly, follow the line of regional PS president Loïg Chesnais-Girard; namely a vote against. The boss of the executive considers that the establishment, at the end of August, of an inter-committee is more than sufficient. While not hiding a certain embarrassment in the face of this LR-RN alliance. “There are limits that I hoped not to see crossed in Brittany…” A vision shared by the other opposition groups?

On the side of EELV, the emotion seems less strong than at Chesnais-Girard. “This mission is just a communication tool for these political groups around anti-wind energy”, considers the environmental leader Claire Desmares-Poirrier. While adding nonetheless that “this team does not do LR honor. “

An RN inflated by the choices of Chesnais-Girard?

His federalist partner (Breizh a-gleiz group) Aziliz Gouez sees in this case the consequence of the alliance choices made by the President of the Region during the second round of elections last June. The latter had in particular refused to merge his list with that of the Greens and the autonomists and federalists of the UDB and ESNT, putting him today in a position of relative majority. “Loïg Chesnais-Girard was unable to build an absolute majority. So today the RN is in a stronger position than it was previously. It is a risk and a responsibility that Loïg Chesnais-Girard will have to assume, ”analyzes the regional councilor.

And Bernard Marboeuf, president of the Nous la Bretagne group, which brings together center-right and La République en Marche, what does he think? Faced with a conservative drift from his former Republican ally Marc Le Fur, he had indeed decided to secede at the very end of the previous term. “I look at this with a lot of detachment,” confides the chosen Bretillian. This is all a political game. But I note that the signatures of Isabelle Le Callennec (LR) and Gilles Pennelle (RN) are on the same letter… ”And the centrist to announce the color for this Thursday. “The fact-finding mission is not justified for this operation. As long as the regional elected representatives are fully informed and the hearings can take place, we are fine. Guarantees have been obtained on the work provided by the inter-commissions. “

“Hysterical and lunar reaction”

Faced with what nevertheless looks, at this stage, like a “storm in a glass of water”, as this regional elected official describes it, the National Gathering considers that the President of the Region is going too far by denouncing the “ populism ”of the right and the far right. “This desire for transparency on this important issue for our region has led to a hysterical and lunar reaction from Loïg Chesnais-Girard”, tackles the elected RN Gilles Pennelle. And to point out “a contempt for democracy. “More measured, his sidekick Florent de Kersauson calls for a change of method. “We have to get to the regional council to discuss in a somewhat peaceful way and based on the skills of each other. We have a huge problem in Saint-Brieuc, let’s try to deal with it as best as possible, ”says the ex-LR who went to Marine Le Pen’s party.