Sabrina Carpenter celebrates her 25th birthday with a reference to “Espresso”

The post was accompanied by three photos of Carpenter as a baby.

Sabrina Carpenter is celebrating her 25th birthday while having fun with her new hit song.

The “Espresso” singer posted to Instagram on her birthday on Saturday, May 11, with a caption playing with lyrics from her single, which she released in April.

“It’s my birthday,” Carpenter wrote, a play on his original lyrics, “It’s me, espresso.”

The post was accompanied by three photos of Carpenter as a baby, including a photo of the “Feather” singer in an Ohio State onesie, posing in a sparkly purple outfit and hat and napping like a baby .

Carpenter also shared a photo on her Instagram Story of a birthday cake.

“Is 25 that cute? I guess so!” read the cake, a reference to the lyrics: “Is it that sweet? I guess so.”

Carpenter released “Espresso,” an upbeat pop single with accompanying music video, on April 11 ahead of her performance at Coachella this weekend. A few days earlier, Carpenter announced the arrival of his song with another Instagram post captioned: “Just wanted to release a little song before Coachella.”

“Espresso” is currently #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

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