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Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera and Jimmy Kimmel parody Barbie in Oscar promotion – The Hollywood Reporter

Jimmy Kimmel rips it barbie a parody dressing a full month before the Oscars.

THE Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host released a five-minute short film Monday night, promoting his March 10 performance at the Oscars — recreating many barbie sets and reunites four of its cast members in a parody that finds a hapless Kimmel trying to talk his way into the Dolby Theater. “Since the dawn of time, men have been lost,” says the voice of God Helen Mirren, usurping her own narration from Margot Robbie’s feature film. “It’s the story of one of those fools.”

With the help of “Weird Barbie” Kate McKinnon, who delivers a stellar version of the famous Carnegie Hall joke, Kimmel quickly recreates much of the film’s roadtrip sequence – swapping the cartoon Barbie sets for views of the Best Picture nominees – before they land. in Hollywood where McKinnon’s “Weird Wagon” becomes a clown car filled with cameos.

First, there’s supporting actress nominee America Ferrera. “It’s literally impossible to host the Oscars,” Ferrara told Kimmel, in a fitting line from his speech from the film. “You have to be extraordinary, but one way or another, you always get it wrong. We have to make fun of people, but we can’t do too much people’s pleasure. You have to give everyone enough time, but you can’t last long. And you’re the center of attention, but no one cares, you’re there. You can never show up, never fail, never show your fear. No one ever says thank you, but everyone has something important to say online. If it goes well, no one says anything. If not, it’s all your fault.

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Contestant Ryan Gosling is the latest to join the event, mocking the In-N-Out trend of the post-award show before Kimmel informs him that burgers are only for winners. “Oh, well, that’s not going to happen,” says Gosling, as Ken. “It’s a good thing Greta has the (best) director in the bag.”

Gerwig, who is up for best picture and best adapted screenplay, was of course the most talked about omission among this year’s nominations when she didn’t get a spot in the best director category. When informed of his mistake, Gosling and company begin to scream.

The entire sequence is so long and painstaking that it almost feels like it could have opened the show itself. And that show, as Mirren is quick to point out, will air a little earlier this year before the promo ends.

The 96th Academy Awards will air March 10 on ABC, at 7 p.m. ET and 4 p.m. PT.

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