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Russia lost 1,270 soldiers in deadliest 24 hours of war, Ukraine says

Russia lost 1,270 troops between Sunday and Monday, according to Ukraine, in what would be the deadliest day in more than two years of war.

The brutal 24-hour toll brought Russia’s total losses to more than 511,000 since President Vladimir Putin declared war in February 2022, according to the latest tally released Monday by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces .

Besides the 1,270 troops, Russia also lost 14 Russian tanks, 22 armored personnel carriers and 47 artillery pieces on the same day, according to the report.

The Russian army has lost nearly 1,300 soldiers in the last 24 hours of war, according to the Ukrainian General Staff. REUTERS

These figures match those recently communicated by the British Ministry of Defense, which estimated that the number of Russian soldiers “killed and wounded” had exceeded 500,000 at the end of last month – compared to an average of 1,200. per day throughout the month of May.

This is “the highest figure recorded since the start of the war”, underlined the Ministry of Defense.

The rising death toll comes as fighting has intensified in Ukraine amid Moscow’s latest offensive in the Kharkiv region, which reportedly led Moscow to seize around 13 settlements and 116 square miles of territory.

“It is very likely that most Russian forces receive only limited training and are incapable of carrying out complex offensive operations,” the British ministry said of Russian fighters.

“The need to continually replenish frontline personnel will almost certainly continue to limit Ruyssia’s ability to generate higher capacity units.”

While the latest offensive showed Russia some success, Ukraine also claimed to have stabilized the war’s new front lines.

More than 500,000 Russian soldiers are believed to have died since the start of the war, according to the report. via REUTERS

Kharkiv lies just 30 miles south of Russia’s border with the war-torn country and has recently been the scene of some of the most intense fighting in the 27-month conflict.

In recent weeks, the Kremlin has touted its military advances in the region, saying it has captured villages around Kharkiv as part of a broad offensive in the region that would put it within artillery range of the city.

Russia reportedly captured around 13 settlements and 116 square miles of Ukrainian land in the latest offensive. P.A.
Ukraine claims to have stabilized the war’s new front lines. P.A.

Russian troops launched their offensive in the region on May 10.

Since then, the United States has announced approximately $675 million in military aid to Ukraine, in the form of High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and munitions; artillery shells; High-velocity anti-radiation missiles (HARMs) and other “urgently needed” offensive and defensive equipment and munitions.

The Biden administration has also provided Ukraine with five aid packages containing weapons from existing Defense Department stockpiles since Congress approved $60 billion in additional funding.

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