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Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani


Rudy Giuliani reportedly spent a week doing whatever he could to avoid being served in a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems, a manufacturer of voting machines who sued Councilor Trump and former mayor of New York for libel, according to the New York Daily News.

Mr Giuliani, who the company said destroyed his reputation with “a viral disinformation campaign” accusing them of stealing Joe Biden’s election, allegedly ignored early attempts to email him the legal documents, according to an anonymous source from the Daily News.

From there, the company hired process servers to deliver the documents by hand, but was stuck on several occasions. Apparently, Mr. Giuliani’s doorman locked them out of a building, Mr. Giuliani’s driver blew through a red light to avoid the waiters, and his office allegedly made him unavailable to be served directly.

In one incident, a waiter allegedly tried to wedge a bag of documents through the door of Mr. Giuliani’s SUV, but a doorman and the driver of the vehicle helped him close the door and leave without papers.

Mr. Giuliani did not respond to a request for comment from The independent.

“It took many attempts, both at his home and at his office, before we could successfully serve Mr. Giuliani on February 10,” Tom Clare, a Dominion lawyer, told the Daily News. “Mr. Giuliani’s repeated false statements about Dominion have been extremely damaging; this process service is one more step in our quest for justice.

The 107-page lawsuit claims Mr Giuliani damaged the company’s reputation by repeatedly accusing them in more than 50 speeches and social media remarks of being part of a plot to cheat the election results.

Mr. Giuliani did not sue Dominion in the many lawsuits he has filed against election results across the country. He could have been penalized for bringing manifestly false allegations in court.

There is no evidence that Dominion changed the election results or that there were large-scale irregularities that would have changed the election results. Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Trump have lost in virtually every lawsuit they have filed to challenge the electoral process.

Mr. Giuliani has previously said he welcomed the lawsuit as a chance to “investigate” Dominion.

“Dominion’s $ 1.3 billion libel lawsuit will allow me to fully and completely investigate their history, finances and practices,” said Mr. Giuliani.

Dozens of prominent New York attorneys have pushed to suspend Mr. Giuliani’s legal license, arguing that his repeated questionable assertions about the election could constitute “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deception or false declaration in or out of court.

The company also filed a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit against My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell this month, alleging that Trump’s ally had repeatedly spread the ‘big lie’ that they had falsified election results.

Normally playing a behind-the-scenes role, the voting tech companies became fodder for conspiracy theories during the election, and now that it’s over, they’ve taken their accusers to court.

In early February, Smartmatic, a voting technology company, filed a $ 2.7 billion lawsuit against former President Trump, Fox News, three of its top hosts, and former lawyers for Mr. Trump, including Mr Giuliani and Sidney Powell, alleging spreading false information about the firm, one of the biggest libel lawsuits ever.

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