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Roy Keane doesn’t pick Sir Alex Ferguson as best Premier League manager but asks Gary Neville about legendary boss

Roy Keane doesn’t pick Sir Alex Ferguson as best Premier League manager but asks Gary Neville about legendary boss

Roy Keane has chosen Pep Guardiola over his former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson as the Premier League’s greatest manager.

The legendary midfielder played under Ferguson for 12 years after signing from Nottingham Forest in 1993 and enjoyed immense success.

Guardiola is Keane's best manager in the Premier League over Ferguson


Guardiola is Keane’s best manager in the Premier League over FergusonCredit: Getty

Keane won seven Premier League titles as well as four FA Cups and the Champions League during United’s period of dominance.

However, it is Guardiola, the new six-time winning manager of England’s top flight Manchester City, who takes the top spot for him.

Speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, he was tasked with naming his top five Premier League managers, but it took him a while to decide.

“First of all, I like Pep, but if I don’t pick Fergie, some people think it’s personal,” he finally said, apparently referring to his falling out with Ferguson before his departure from United in 2005.

“Is this personal?” asked co-expert Ian Wright, before Keane smiled and replied: “It’s all personal, mate.”

After further deliberation, he then decided to appoint the Manchester City manager as number one: “I’m going with Pep.

“So boss number two,” said Gary Neville, who made 602 appearances as Keane’s teammate under Ferguson between 1992 and 2011.

“Why do you call him boss?” » he asked, Keane correcting his friend on the title he reserves for Fergie.


Neville tried to explain why he still calls former manager Ferguson ‘boss’Credit: The Overlap YouTube


But Keane just couldn’t understand why his ex-teammate was sticking to this.Credit: The Overlap YouTube


Neville was a long-time servant of Ferguson and did not diminish his respectCredit: Getty

Neville couldn’t help but burst out laughing and say, “You’ve asked me that about 400 times in the last 12 months.”

Keane then pointed out that Ferguson was his manager at a football club and questioned whether he called anyone else boss.

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“I told you, I always call the teacher from the school that I was brought (with) Mr. Wright,” Neville explained. “You’ve been in the habit of calling someone that for about 25 years.”

But Keane still didn’t understand: “I don’t understand. Not just you, everyone, the boss, the (gaffer), I don’t understand.”

Jamie Carragher questioned whether it would be strange to call him Alex or Sir Alex, but Neville rejected both, although he admitted he would publicly call him the latter.

“For 25 years I called him boss,” he reiterated, but Keane came back and replied: “Yeah, because he was your boss.

“He’s not your boss anymore, is he? He’s another human being, that’s all, why do you call him boss?”


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