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Rose McGowan exposes Hollywood’s dark underwear, cult cult experience on ‘Tucker Carlson Today’

Actress and activist Rose McGowan joins Fox Nation for a special two-part episode of “Tucker Carlson Today” where she talks about growing up inside a self-proclaimed “cult”, dropping out of school at age 13 to pursuing a film career, and uncovering the truth about the Hollywood elite — including disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.

McGowan rose to prominence in the media during the height of the #MeToo movement, in which the media highlighted the actress as a significant part of Weinstein’s eventual downfall.

Sitting down with Carlson, however, the actress dismissed the idea that her drive to speak out against corruption, counterfeiting and the coordinated suppression of wrongdoing began when the media found her interesting.

“I rocked their cages because I had to train people in the media to listen to me differently. Because if they saw me just as an actress, on day one it wouldn’t have worked. J had to set up a domino effect all over the world. I wanted to show people that if you fight, that you are strategic and very smart about it, you can cut off the head of a rotten power, instead of just bite the ankles with a picket sign. “


McGowan said that growing up the way she did – in a commune in Italy – allowed her to develop a kind of “superpower,” in which, she argued, she was not really aware that she was a boy or a girl until about the age of 10. .

The actress described the Children of God community she lived with her parents in Italy as having formed its own set of societal norms and rules with its own set of issues – but remained separate from “heteronormative” societies in which most grew up in.

McGowan and his family quit the cult after they started advocating child-adult sex.

This early juxtaposition between the customs, ideologies and worldviews of her isolated commune and the wider Western world seemed to leave a lasting impact on the actress once placed in the American school system.

“I was old enough to be like ‘no. Take your brainwashing, stick it up your ass. I’ll fight you every step of the way.’ Because I would rather be in my head and live there, than having to parade in a skin that I don’t understand, ”she told Carlson.

McGowan said she quickly realized that “group thinking” and commitment to a structural systemic lie existed elsewhere in the United States, just renamed and repackaged with her own code of forced compliance.

After two and a half years, McGowan dropped out of school and went to Hollywood.

In the first of the two-part series, McGowan told his tumultuous Hollywood story, unveiling shocking revelations about the entertainment industry and its battle to expose the unsettling undersides of glamor and glitter.

McGowan pointed out that various talent agencies were aware of Weinstein’s crimes. She also claimed that film festivals were frequent places where young women would be “channeled”.

“[Weinstein] had a daily appointment for the rape. And wherever there was a big film festival, it had a full-fledged cottage industry to channel young women. And you know, let’s say if it was someone else, it was like him who loved boys, it would be the same for them. It was a well-oiled machine. “

So how did McGowan’s life experiences help her navigate the darker corners of Hollywood? Tucker Carlson discovers Fox Nation.

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