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Rising Fuel Prices: Here’s How Much Money You’ll Lose Each Month – #Dataspot

Prices at the pump are at their highest level in 10 years. During the first week of October 2021, diesel even reached its all-time high, at € 1.5354 per liter on average in France. The unleaded 95 (€ 1.6332 per liter) is very close to its peak dating from 2012.

Increases that can be found concretely on the receipt, when we go to refuel. For an identical volume of fuel, the price difference will be felt compared to what we paid a year or six months ago.

Thanks to our interactive tool below, find out how much this additional cost will amount to, between what you will pay today for your refueling, compared to what you would have paid six months ago.

Find out how much more you’ll need to spend

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Towards a fuel check?

Aware of the financial burden that the increase in fuels will place on the most precarious families, the government is studying several measures to be put in place. “There are several possible avenues: there is the issue of lowering taxes – we are not there today -; there may be a question of specific help, ”said Gabriel Attal on Wednesday, while specifying that“ the decision has not been taken ”.

“Before making a decision, you have to look at what is most effective in helping the French who need it most. (…) As long as these increases continue and the estimates that are made indicate that they should continue over time, obviously we would consider protective measures, as we did on gas, as we said. ‘did on electricity’.