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Ring Launches “Virtual Security Guard”, New Pro Alarm System and Smarter Motion Alerts, Including Package Delivery – TechCrunch

Ring is only part of Amazon’s annual devices and services event this year, but they bring a lot of updates including a new Pro Alarm suite that includes updated hardware and Eero router capabilities. Integrated Wi-Fi 6. They also have a new service offering called “Virtual Security Guard” which basically monitors your Ring feeds just like you would in case you can’t, and they improve the alerts on their existing doorbells and cameras with smarter recognition of the rings. events.

Alarm Ringtone Pro

Ring Alarm Pro is an enhanced home security system suite that includes a base station with built-in Eero. The base station also serves as a Wi-Fi 6 router capable of connecting to other modern Eero hardware (which is a nice mainstream brand synergy for another Amazon acquisition). Ring Alarm Pro also includes 24/7 internet backup with 3 GB of cellular data usage included per month, with additional data available at $ 3/1 GB. Ring’s Power Pack accessories can also be connected. to the base station to keep the Internet operational in the event of a power failure.

The Alarm Pro base station also has a microSD card slot supporting cards up to 64GB capacity, which can provide local video storage for your cameras and connected Ring bells.

Like Ring’s previous alarm products, it works with their motion sensors, door and window sensors, fire and humidity sensors, and more. The company is also introducing a Pro level of its subscription product ($ 20 / month), which gives you access to this cellular backup service as well as professional monitoring and (again a synergy!) Blocking services. advertising, content filtering and threat protection. for your home internet via Eero.

Virtual security guard

Not to be confused with its new Pro level subscription (which comes alongside its existing $ 10 / month option), this is a separate new subscription service called “Virtual Security Guard” which aims to replicate the advantages of having a security guard on site.

Basically, it adds an extra level of control in terms of professional tracking, thanks to a partnership with tracking company Rapid Response. Rapid response personnel will keep an eye on the Ring camera and the doorbell will feed you specifically if you are a member, responding to motion alerts and providing interventions including triggering sirens and lights, use of talk functions two-way and even the transmission of an emergency. services should they deem it necessary.

Ring is quick to point out the ways in which Virtual Security Guard remains fully in the control of whoever subscribes; cameras are disabled by default, for example, so that a user can select which ones will be monitored and when. Agents also cannot activate cameras unless they are lit green to be monitored in Home or Away mode, as specified by a user. They can only view real-time video through Live View, when a motion event is detected, and the videos are not saved for download or other use by agents. Finally, all privacy zones configured by a user are hidden from monitoring agents, and the Ring app also shows live when virtual security agents are monitoring feeds, and any past live views seen by agents will be also clearly marked.

There’s no word on specific pricing here, but it looks like it will be a premium as it requires a user to already have a professional monitoring plan in place. They must also have a wired outdoor video doorbell or Ring security camera in order to use the program, and it will be available by invitation-only starting at the end of the year.

Customized event and package alerts

Image credits: Ring

Ring has a lot of pretty flashy announcements this year, including its flying drone being delivered, but the news that could be most useful for most of its users is the introduction of new smart alerts, including packages and personalized event alerts.

Parcel Alerts do exactly what they say, giving you the flexibility to specify an area of ​​your choice and receive an alert whenever a package is present in that area. So you can set it up to monitor your front porch or porch, for example, and receive an alert on anything Amazon (for example) drops there.

These will be available to anyone who owns Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and Ring Video Doorbell (2020 model year) devices with a rollout starting today, provided you have a Ring Protection Plan.

Custom Event Alerts apply to Spotlight Battery Cam users, again as long as they have a Ring Protection Plan, and will offer a little more personalized flexibility. So you can, for example, use a still image of your closed garage door as captured by your Ring, and a still image of it open, and teach it to differentiate between these two states and alert you to changes in it. state when they occur. Ring mentions that it can work with portals and doors, and other types of state changes as defined by users. It will start to be deployed a little later than the parcel alerts, with availability expected “in the coming months”.

Ring Site Safety

Ring Launches “Virtual Security Guard”, New Pro Alarm System and Smarter Motion Alerts, Including Package Delivery – TechCrunch

Image credits: Ring

Last but not least, Ring is targeting contractors and site managers with Jobsite Security, a Ring Alarm Pro-based product that fine-tunes it for professional use with upgrades like outdoor contact sensors to keep track of status. of the open / closed door, for example. There is also a lot of Safety Orange involved, which reflects the target audience (pun intended as Safety Orange is partly used for its reflectivity).

Jobsite Security is teaming up with The Home Depot, which will sell it exclusively from $ 399.99. It’s a smart extension of the company’s brand beyond the domestic realm, and possibly a precursor to other B2B efforts to come.

Ring Launches “Virtual Security Guard”, New Pro Alarm System and Smarter Motion Alerts, Including Package Delivery – TechCrunch