Rimac launches the new Verne level 4 autonomous electric car brand

Mate Rimac, founder of Rimac, has launched a new brand of Level 4 autonomous electric cars called Verne which will hit the market in 2026.

Rimac is best known for its electric hypercar, the Nevera, and for its surprising takeover of Bugatti via its partnership with Porsche.

But it is now moving to the other side of the electric vehicle spectrum: from hypercars to autonomous cars.

Mate Rimac, along with two other Rimac executives, launched a new brand called Verne. It’s unclear how the Rimac Group plays a role beyond employee sharing, but it appears to be part of it, as the brand launched today at Rimac’s headquarters in Croatia.

Verne uses Mobileye’s Level 4 autonomy system and therefore its core technology is more the vehicle platform than the autonomous driving system.

They wrote about the new vehicle:

The vehicle is built on an all-new platform designed around safety and comfort, designed solely for autonomous driving using the Mobileye Drive autonomous platform. It is completely redesigned, designed, designed and produced as a safe and comfortable autonomous vehicle. Built from the ground up, it is free of the compromises and inconveniences necessary to use an existing platform designed for human driving.

Here are some photos of the new Verne autonomous electric vehicle:

As you can see, this is a two-seater built around the passenger experience since the vehicle is driverless.

There is a full audio system and a giant screen with a user interface designed for a variety of passenger experiences.

It is designed for ride-sharing systems with a high level of customization. Verne says customers will be able to personalize the experience via an app before the vehicle arrives:

This is a redesign of the carpooling application and mobility platform. Customers can customize vehicle settings through the app before ordering a ride. This way the vehicle will be set exactly the way you like it with comfort, lighting, temperature and even scent. Even though the customer will never own the vehicle, it will be designed to feel like yours. On the back-end, Verne uses all the advantages offered by a connected autonomous fleet to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the service in each city.

Verne will launch first in Zagreb in 2026, and the company plans to expand to Europe and the Middle East soon after.

The company says it has already reached agreements with 11 cities.

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