Restaurant review: Rascal’s Café – POLITICO

Atmosphere: It’s formica and linoleum, gingham curtains and ketchup bottles. If you’re British, you’ll finally get a taste of what our Spanish or Italian friends are going through by seeing their working-class food culture repackaged and sold to hipsters abroad for triple the price.

Who gets the check? It’s the kind of place you can take your voting parents when they visit, although after shelling out €15-20 for a fry, it might not improve their opinion of foreigners. Brunch for two cost us €45.

Spotted: The featured guest: an elderly, overweight corgi passing the patio on his afternoon walk. Almost enough to make you patriotic.

Insider tip: For a pedantic UK cheat sheet on what’s wrong: laced bacon; hot milk froth for tea instead of cold; and whipped cream with the scones instead of curds. Now you can bring a date there and impress with your knowledge of some frankly underrated global cuisine.

Fun fact: Legendary Irishwoman Sinéad O’Connor features prominently in the UK-themed decor. Sorry in advance to all Irish customers.

How to get there: Rascal’s is a stone’s throw from the elegant Saint-Gilles Town Hall, in a neighborhood populated by hip mainstays like Lambic brasseries and board game cafes. If you hit the prison, you’ve gone too far.

Review published on May 30, 2024. Illustration by Dato Parulava/POLITICO


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