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Restaurant Review: Pure Veg India

Galerie Ravenstein 15, 1000 Brussels

What is good? This place lives up to its name and serves a full range of Indian dishes, without meat. Pure Veg India has it all: curries, vegetarian dishes, rice (white and yellow), samosas, naan, papadum …plus those doughy balls dipped in honey juice. Not to mention a full salad bar and some chutneys to boot.

It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, so grab your thali (compartmentalized metal tray) and go to town. Nicely spiced (and spicy), you can accompany it all with a creamy mango lassi for a generally satisfying meal.

Many diners move here, especially during the lunch rush, which frequently means new bins for hot and cold items, keeping them fresh.

There are also plenty of vegan options, most clearly marked… you can always ask the polite staff if you have any doubts.

What is not? Almost every dish, including the seasoned salad, is a bit too salty. The naan can be a little gummy. And the overall concept is rather basic and, in that sense, a little uninspired.

Atmosphere: Utilitarian, with a dark (although clean) interior and minimalist decor. If the platter is reminiscent of prison, don’t worry, it’s much more delicious than prison food.

Who gets the check? The buffet costs €14.95 — a very reasonable price for as hearty a meal as possible.

Spotted: The standard commuter crowd, mostly young.

Insider tip: Weather permitting, pick up your meal as a takeaway buffet and eat it in the sunny Brussels park, just up the steps.

Fun fact: It’s open quite late, so catch up and eat your fill on the way home if you’ve skipped meals during a busy work day.

How to get there: From Brussels Central Station, exit towards the European Quarter, pass under the street, then climb the stairs to the Ravenstein Gallery. Pure Veg India is about a third of the way down the aisle on the right – just follow the aroma of coriander.

Review published on May 16, 2024. Illustration by Dato Parulava/POLICY



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