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Residents voice opposition to Wheaton’s Crosley Zoo parking lot expansion – NBC Chicago

Wheaton residents attending a planning and zoning board meeting Tuesday voiced opposition to a possible expansion of the Cosley Zoo parking lot.

Concerns about property values, taxes and safety have all been expressed by residents, who oppose a proposed lot that would force pedestrians to cross often busy Gary Avenue.

“We are very concerned about mothers of young children and people with disabilities crossing the street,” said Chuck Smith, a Wheaton resident.

Raising their concerns to the board is just one step in their fight. Residents like Smith hope to next voice their concerns to city council members.

While the majority of residents in attendance did not want to see the Cosley Zoo parking lot expansion go ahead, a representative from the Wheaton Park District explained how it could have a positive impact on the community and not be initially funded by the taxpayers’ money.

“87 percent of the people who go to the Cosley Zoo are not taxpayers, and yet they want us to foot the bill,” Smith said.

The Planning and Zoning Board is a recommending body that will forward its recommendations to the Wheaton City Council, who will make the final decision on the matter.

NBC Chicago

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