Rescuers Airlift 928 Pounds of Food to Trapped People in Quake-Hit Taiwan Mine

  • Taiwanese authorities said they airlifted 928 pounds of food to people stranded at a quarry.
  • Sixty-four people were reportedly trapped in the Heping mine after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Hualien County.
  • So far, nine people have died and 186 others have been injured in Hualien due to the earthquake.

Taiwan’s relief authorities said they airlifted about 928 pounds of food to a mining area where dozens of people are still trapped due to a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

The self-governing island’s National Airborne Service also deployed drones to monitor the Heping Mine area, where 64 people are believed to be trapped, Emergency Operations Center officials said Thursday morning.

It remains unclear how these people were trapped or whether they need to be rescued from hiding.

Six other people were believed to have been trapped in a separate quarry, Zhonghe, but authorities said they were rescued by helicopter on Thursday morning.

Nine people died and 186 others were injured in the eastern county of Hualien, which is near the epicenter of a massive earthquake that struck Taiwan on Wednesday.

Officials said the quake also injured more than 300 people in other parts of Taiwan.

In addition to those stuck in the quarries, 24 tourists are believed to be stuck in a cave, authorities said Thursday. Five other employees of a local hotel were also reportedly trapped.

And 52 people were still missing as of Thursday’s update, most of whom were employees of the same local hotel transporting minibuses to Taroko National Park, according to rescue officials.

Footage after Wednesday’s quake showed several buildings collapsed or badly damaged, including a multi-story building tilted at almost 45 degrees.

Several people were killed by landslides and rockfalls caused by the earthquakes. Dozens of other people were stuck on roads and mountain tunnels that day, but authorities said they were rescued by helicopter.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, or TSMC, evacuated its supply lines Wednesday amid the tremors. But about 10 hours later, the chipmaker later said more than 70% of its tools had been recovered, according to Nikkei.

TSMC is the world’s leading producer of advanced semiconductors and a key supplier of critical computer components in the global AI craze.

Taiwanese authorities said they recorded 315 aftershocks in the 24 hours after the initial 7.2 quake, but the severity of the tremors appeared to be diminishing.

The earthquake, which struck around 8 a.m. Taipei time, was measured at 7.2 on the Richter scale by Taiwanese authorities, while US estimates put the quake at a magnitude of 7, 4.


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