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Requesting photos will make it easier to navigate your Google Photos

Google’s latest I/O conference was an absolute mush of AI promise. The company took so many attempts with new AI modelsShow off new AI capabilities who integrate Gemini into every Google product or service under the sun. But take enough shots, and the law of averages says at least one will hit the target. Thanks to Gemini AI, the upcoming “Request Photos” feature could make diving into the maze of Google Photos albums much easier.

As Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai detailed during his company’s annual presentation, the feature would essentially use AI to search through your massive photo albums for you. You can use keywords to try to sift through what could be years of images, photos and memes to find the one you need. Google claimed that with just one prompt, Google’s Gemini model would review your photos more accurately than your typical needle-in-a-haystack queries.

Ask Photos’ Gemini AI can interpret images and read the text they contain. For example, if you search for your car’s license plate among a multitude of car photos stored in your Photos app, the AI ​​will have a much better idea of ​​what your vehicle is based on how often the car appears in your albums and in what context. Pichai said Ask Photos is so effective that it can even interpret life events based on your photos, like telling you when your daughter first learned to swim.

In a blog post, Google Photos engineer Jeremy Selier said it builds on existing AI keyword functionality that has been on the app for some time now. Instead of needing to find the right keywords, simply asking your phone for all the photos taken in a national park will bring up all the relevant photos and give you an overview of the parks you’ve visited.

The AI ​​should also be able to understand the photos you’ve taken over the years. In one example, AI could explain the different themes of a child’s birthdays over the years. Selier wrote that the AI ​​essentially selects the right keywords for you before running its search through your photos.

Even though the demos looked pretty good, it’s still AI, and AI tends to make mistakes. The company said Ask Photos was “experimental,” the nickname Google gives to almost all of its AI projects, regardless of their state. Selier said Ask Photos will remember any corrections you make to it in the future, but that’s not the case. that doesn’t mean he won’t make another mistake in another prompt.

The feature is expected to arrive “in the coming months,” although that’s a rather vague timeline that fits with the rest of Google’s nebulous AI announcements at this year’s I/O. At the very least, Ask Photos seems far more useful than an AI-first video generator or even more Gemini integration in Google Workspace.

News Source : gizmodo.com
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