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Representative John Katko believes supply chain is a national security issue


House Homeland Security Committee ranking member John Katko (R-NY) warns supply chain could have more serious repercussions than delayed delivery of holiday gifts, arguing it could have national security implications.

The New York Republican said the failing supply chains seen during the pandemic prove that the United States must be self-sufficient in the production of essential items like drugs, personal protective equipment, semi-microchips. conductors used in cars and electronics needed in an emergency.

“Yes, it’s a problem when we maybe don’t have enough gifts for Christmas, but the real concern is the computer chips, the real concern is making sure we have medicine in time. crisis, the real concern is to anticipate stocks of personal protective equipment and other things.which are essential to our economy and essential to our internal security as this administration always seems to be catching up and not anticipating and having these discussions, ”he told The Post in an interview on Wednesday.

John Katko said supply chains prove that the United States must be self-sufficient in the production of items such as drugs and personal protective equipment during emergencies.

“We had to bring in air shipments of personal protective equipment from other countries because we didn’t have any. Our drug, the vast majority of the penicillin that the United States consumed was produced in Syracuse, and now all of the penicillin is produced overseas. When you start to think about the supply chain, it’s not what’s on the store shelves, it’s national security, it’s critical infrastructure and what’s essential to our survival in times of crisis.

Katko said he didn’t think the Biden administration had done enough to “focus on the supply chain issues that we tried to bring to Congress,” arguing that the decision to shut down the Keystone pipeline XL was a self-inflicted mistake made in disrupting the supply and access of the United States to oil.

“I’ll give an example: we are importing oil again. What they did was shut down the Keystone pipeline, which is a great source of oil and energy independence for us, and that’s obviously the supply chain. Now we have to buy oil from elsewhere again, ”he continued.

“They did it just through a change in policy, so there are a lot of things from a political standpoint where they don’t look at the best interests of the United States. They think they had to be by, you know, the stewards of the world and you know, to a certain extent we should be, but we also have to take care of ourselves and we just don’t do this. administration.

Representative John Katko believes supply chain is a national security issue
John Katko said he doesn’t think the Biden administration has done enough to focus on supply chain issues.
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Katko added that he believed pressure from the administration to raise corporate taxes could further prevent businesses from producing nationally essential items, arguing that the massive GOP tax overhaul in 2017 led companies to bring businesses back to the United States.

“We have to create the right economic incentives for businesses to bring these kinds of things home. The Biden administration talks about a huge corporate tax hike, they’re going to do what they’ve done before to survive – they’re going to move overseas. They have started to come home and when we cut taxes we have to keep doing it. If you think the supply chain is an issue, wait and see what happens if they decide to raise taxes as they see it.