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Report: The mother wakes up, finds the child bleeding and not breathing;  Orangeburg Police and Coroner’s Office Investigate Death |  Crime and courts

The adult man got up at one point and took two other minor children to the house in Bojangles, the report said. He then took them to school and daycare.

The mother told police that she later heard the front door. When she got up, her son was lying on the floor next to the bed “bleeding from his head and not breathing,” the report said.

She told the adult man to take her and the boy to the hospital.

She called the boy’s father and told him the boy was not breathing and that she was on her way to the hospital with him.

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An officer reported that the boy’s right eye was “swollen and bleeding from the right side of the back of his head.”

An Orangeburg County deputy coroner and an officer from the SC law enforcement division also arrived at the hospital.

At 11:30 a.m., additional officers attended the Russell Street home where the boy lived to secure the scene.

The front door was unlocked and there appeared to be drops of blood in the doorway, an officer reported.

No one else was inside the house.

Officers also found a large pool of blood in the left front chamber, the report said.

Another inspection of the property led officers from the City of Orangeburg’s Animal Control Office and ODPS into the backyard where three pitbulls were “in very poor condition,” the report said.


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