‘Rebel Moon’ Makeup Artist Allie Shehorn Stabbed 20 Times by Ex-Boyfriend

Veteran makeup artist Allie Shehorn was allegedly stabbed by an ex-boyfriend more than 20 times at her home on May 23. Shehorn suffered slashes to her neck, arms and abdomen during the attack. She miraculously survived before being rushed to hospital to undergo numerous surgeries.

The injured Shehorn was bleeding when she was discovered by Christine White, her surrogate mother, around 4:30 a.m. Thursday.

“I found her and had to go to the room where it happened,” White told KTLA. “It wasn’t a pretty sight.”

Shehorn – who worked on both parts of Rebel Moon as well as Babylonthe recent mean girls remake and BET+ The rich and the ruthless – was admitted in critical condition before being transferred from the intensive care unit today. Friend Jed Dornoff said the 35-year-old makeup artist limited the use of her hands after the attack. He posted a photo of Shehorn and White looking surprisingly upbeat at the hospital.

‘Rebel Moon’ Makeup Artist Allie Shehorn Stabbed 20 Times by Ex-Boyfriend

Shehorn’s attacker, against whom she had apparently just obtained a domestic violence restraining order, fled the state after the alleged attack. He was arrested in Texas, near the Mexican border, according to multiple reports citing law enforcement.

According to friends, her attacker was a background actor she met on the set of Rebel Moon.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by friends to help pay for hospital bills and what will likely be a long rehabilitation process.

Shehorn is a member of the IATSE 706 Makeup and Hair Artists Guild.

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News Source : deadline.com

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