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Real Estate Transactions – Wilmington News Journal

This list of recent real estate transactions in Clinton County is provided by the office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

G&L Development LLC to Ellis Home Builders LLC, 75 Thomas Court, Adams Township, $98,000.

Betsy and Tommy Pauley *SD to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 419 Mill St., Sabina, $20,200.

Roger Mason to Shelby VanWinkle, 1295 Westmoor St., Wilmington, $230,000.

Streber Properties LLC to Christian Beaty and Averi Noel Lively *SD, 471 Grand Ave., Sabina, $137,900.

Lauren C. Haines to Megan Gallimore, 8439 W SR 22 3, Vernon Township, $35,000.

Jason S. and Stephanie L. Bernard *SD to the Clinton County Board of Commissioners, Dailey Road, Green Township.

Jonathan E. and Jennifer L. Hemmerle *SD to Jennifer Hemmerle, 3990 Pansy Rd., Vernon Township.

Katherine Giraud to Matthew J. and Jennifer L. Berrey *SD, 919 Ward Rd., Chester Township, $225,000.

Luke Linebaugh to Robert S. Riehle and Robin R. Weis Riehle *SD, 328 Westfield Rd., Wilmington, $161,000.

Cristo Inc. to Kimber Down Rogers, 1220 Timber Glen Dr., Wilmington, $289,200.

Steven P. Kenney to Brooks Blach Warner and Wesley Michael Nye *SD, 1669 Reed Rd., Richland Township, $200,000.

Fisher’s Completely Discretionary Trust to the Clinton County Board of Commission, Antioch Road, Green Township.

Ashley N. Newbry to the Clinton County Board of Commissioners, Antioch Road, Green Township.

Pamela F. Rupp to the Clinton County Board of Commissioners, Antioch Road, Green Township.

Paul A. and Joyce A. Kelly to Gregory T. Vance, 1351 Lazenby Road, Washington Township, $100,000.

Donald G. Rockwell 34/100 INT and Lawrence V. Runyan RLT 66/100 INT to Orbital Daisy LLC, 101 S. Howard St., Sabina. $65,000.

John D. Joy 1/2 INT to James H. Joy 1/2 INT to John D. and Carol M. Joy *SD, 172 Circle Dr., New Vienna.

Stephen J. Short to Christine and Cyle Roberts *SD, 8672 SR 22 3, Richland Township, $150,000.

Richard W. Briggs to TSI Ohio Inc., 82 Wesley Way, Union Township, $575,000.

Cristo Holmes Inc. to Joshua J. and Mary A. Goins *SD, 632 Red Maple Lane, Wilmington, $329,200.

Melinda Sue McCormick to Ashley Smith, 316 Supinger St., Blanchester, $180,000.

Andrew D. Kenney to Steven P., Dawn R. and Blair R. Kenney, 9030 Sabina, Wilson Township.

Dwight E. Bullard to Martina Stevens, 14 Fairland Ave., Wilmington, $115,000.

Harold F. and Nancy A. Crites to Harold F. Crites, 5175 SR 730, Adams Township and Sprague Road, Vernon Township.

Charles Perdue at Perdue Family Trust, 384 W SR 350, Washington Township.


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